Research Partnerships

At SkillsUp we strongly believe that collaboration helps us to push the boundaries of research even further and maximize its impact to people's lives. We have been working in projects which directly impact society and enact positive social change. We welcome collaborations with:


We aim to establish formal and informal research partnerships with universities from all around the world. Together we can participate in training and professional development projects, instructional design projects, as well as projects related to quality assurance and entrepreneurshp. Our staff have already great experience in projects funded by international and national organizations. Let's work together in our next project!! 


We also aim to establish close relationships with charities which fund research into education sciences and entrepreneurship. These charities can also fund the fees for students who can't afford the cost of our programs. We especially welcome entities which support the education and personal/professional development of students with disabilities. It is vital foe us to maintain close links with policy makers and government bodies. We work hard to ensure that the key messages from our courses and projects are communicated through publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, so that more people can benefit from them.


At SkillsUp, we pride ourselves on our close understanding of business and industry. This helps us to make sure our teaching and research is relevant to the needs of modern businesses. We aim to create partnerships with businesses both local and global which take many forms from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, to internship agreements and consultancy.

For collaborations, please contact us at