New Erasmus+ project

Digital Life Skills (Erasmus+ project)

SkillsUp is a partner in another Erasmus+ project, under the leadership of the Romanian NGO and trusted partner "Friends of Children in Romania". The consortium of also composed by Center of Social Innovation (Cyprus), Casa da Juventude de Amarante (Portugal) and Youth Connect (Italy). The project received a budget of 250.000 euros from the EU (Cooperation Partnerships in Youth) and will last 2 years, starting from January 2024.
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About the project

  • Raise awareness among youth workers (YW) and educators about behavioral patterns in interactions with technology.
  • Develop, in collaboration with specialists from various fields, a holistic methodology for digital citizenship and cyber safety, building upon existing materials
  • Develop online social consciousness by contextualizing the online participation of youth, thereby shaping key values for responsible digital citizens.
  • Enhance the capacity of organizations

Become a force of positive change

In an era where technology's influence is ubiquitous, the imperative for responsible digital citizenship has never been more crucial. Recognizing this, SkillsUp, under the guidance of Friends of Children in Romania, has embarked on an ambitious project alongside partner organizations from Cyprus, Italy, and Portugal. This collaboration is a testament to the power of unity in pursuit of a noble cause: to mold the youth into conscientious digital citizens.

Innovation in action

A unique aspect of the project is its dedication to developing online social consciousness. By contextualizing the online activities of young people within a set of key values, it aims to cultivate a generation of responsible digital citizens. This forward-thinking approach not only addresses current digital challenges but also anticipates future ones, preparing the youth to navigate the digital world with integrity and awareness.
Moreover, the initiative is committed to boosting the capacity of organizations involved in the project. 

Kick-off meeting in Romania!

Here are your digital personal trainers!
They met up on the 22nd-23rd of January 2024 to discuss the workout plan to keep in shape your digital lifestyle skills. Stay tuned to find out more news on the DLS project and how you can be part of this fresh community!

Share your digital habits with us!

In our efforts to prepare useful project results, which address your needs, we are inviting your to answer two short surveys on your digital habits and on digital empathy. The surveys can be found here:
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