New Erasmus+ project

SkillsUp is a partner in another Erasmus+ project, under the leadership of the "Square Dot Team" from Belgium The consortium of also composed by "Stimmuli for Social Change" (Greece), "Pluriversum" (Italy), "Blenders" (Belgium), "Danmar" (Poland), "Synthesis" (Cyprus), "de Cirkel" (Netherlands) and the "7th primary school of Alexandreia" (Greece). The project started in 2021 and end in April 2024. The approved budget for the project is 250.000 euros with project code:
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About the project

  • Support school-teachers to learn how to provide playful and engaging social emotional learning (SEL).
  • Support children affected by COVID-19 disruption
  • Provide a practical guide to deliver professional development courses for primary school teachers
  • Enrich teachers' digital capacity towards integration of interactive digital narratives

Force of positive change

Covid-19 has deepened the severity of the need for digital transformation and to learn how to learn effectively in this ‘new normal’. Many children, in a European context, do not have easy access to technology and this can become an obstacle to the realization of an inclusive digital education.

Focusing on emotions

Emotions play a significant role in a wide range of human cognitive processes including learning. For children affected by COVID 19 the disorder becomes important to find playful strategies to motivate them and thus involve them in all kinds of learning.
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