Youth Empowerment Kit against Climate Change (Erasmus+ project)

A stark reminder of climate change's impact on our forests

The warming world's warning

Smog city: The climate crisis unveiled

The aim of the Youth Empowerment Kit project, abbreviated as YEK, is to develop guidance & support tools for youth workers on the topics of climate change & environmental protection to enhance their interventions. The project started in February 2024 and has a duration of 14 months, with a budget of 60.000 funded by Erasmus+ Program (Small scale partnerships in youth).
Ref. number: 2023-3-NL02-KA210-YOU-000175888

Main project results

  • Applicable guidelines on how to create awareness & develop resilience against climate change
  • An online game on developing resilience against physical catastrophes
  • An online training for youth workers
  • On site "train the trainer course" 
  • A final event (conference)

Become a force of positive change 

Our project not only aims to enhance resilience against environmental adversities but also to cultivate a community of youth workers committed to driving positive change in environmental protection. Join us in transforming concern into action, as we work together to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Open access

In our commitment to fostering widespread environmental awareness and resilience, all project results will be made freely accessible online, ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can benefit from our resources. This website will be updated progressively, reflecting our ongoing efforts to enhance their relevance and effectiveness in the fight against climate change. Stay connected with us to access the latest developments and join our growing network of change-makers.


SkillsUp Training & Research Services

The Netherlands, Project coordinator

Synchro Foundation 

The Netherlands, Partner
The main purpose of the Foundation is to serve both the individuals and the whole collective, while aligning with values based on unity and cooperation. We desire to bring ideas to life and create impact in the society today through a multitude of initiatives and projects that give the youngsters and adults the necessary tools to make a change, grow and flourish.


The Netherlands, Partner
Meta-skills mission is to democratize VR content creation to make it easy and accessible for trainers and educators around the world. Meta-Skills aims to make a 1-on-1 personalized training experience focused on human skills accessible to everyone.

Stimmuli for Social Change

Greece, Partner
Stimmuli is an organization that envisions to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society. Stimmuli seeks to transform education and foster 21st century skills. Stimmuli designs and delivers educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles.

Ofensiva Tinerilor

Romania, Partner
Our mission is to provide young people with accessible educational opportunities that will help them reach their full potential. The association aims to increase the participation of civil society in the decision-making process at local, national and European level, to promote the European project but also to support the European and international mobility of young people.
News & project updates

Our logo has been designed!

Our logo a visual representation of hope, action, and the collective power of youth in the face of global environmental challenges. It integrates symbols that represent the core ideals of youth empowerment and the urgent need for climate action. At its heart, the logo features imagery that conveys growth, resilience, and unity—key components in the battle against climate change. The young tree, symbolizing growth and the potential for change, stands as a testament to the project's focus on nurturing a generation capable of fostering significant environmental impact. Surrounding this are figures of diverse young people, illustrating the project's inclusive approach and the collective action required to address climate challenges.
News & project updates

Our kick-off meeting was a success!

After several informal sessions in February between the coordinator and each partner for the signature of the bi-lateral agreements and the logistics of the project, our kick-off meeting took place on the 20th of March and it was a success! 
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News & project updates

"Train the trainer" course in Amsterdam has been planned!

From 16-19 June 2024 our "train the trainer" course on developing resilience against climate change and physical catastrophes will take place in Amsterdam, with the participation of 2 youth workers/trainer from each consortium organization! 
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News & project updates

Our first Newsletter is out!!

We are very happy to share with you our first newsletter. You can download it here
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Course Lessons

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